Chengdu as the capital of Sichuan province locates in the center of Sichuan Basin. The main terrain of Chengdu is plain, which grants the people there with fertile and excellent agricultural condition and the birthplace of various cultures. Chengdu has the reputation as a very "laid-back" city that emphasizes culture and relaxation and as a result of this and much green space is ranked one of the most livable mega-cities in China. It is credited with a good nightlife scene and contains many new western style buildings in the large city centre.
Chengdu is renowned as the Land of Abundance (Tian Fu Zhi Guo) for such colorful culture as the Dujiang Dam, Shu Brocade, Sichuan Opera, Sichuan Cuisine and the celebrated poets and marvelous natural sceneries such as Qingchengshan Mountain and Emei Mountain. There are many famous natural and cultural spots in Chengdu, such as "Dujiangyan Irrigation System" "Wenshu District" "Jinsha Site Museum" "Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding" etc.
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